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The process whereby a man and woman meet, become acquainted with each other and decide whether they are suitable for each other, is not only common sense — it’s actually mandated by Jewish law. The Talmud stipulates that it is forbidden for a man to marry a woman until he meets her and she finds favor in his eyes, and a woman is not to be married until she is mature enough to make an intelligent decision with regards to her proposed husband. The prospective bride and groom must meet beforehand and both must be fully comfortable with each other and must give their full consent to the match. That said, according to Jewish tradition, dating plays a very specific role. Dating is viewed as a serious matter and is not intended for entertainment purposes. Dating is reserved for mature men and women who have reached marriageable age and are actively seeking their life mate. The restrictions on dating do not stem from old-fashioned prudishness. Rather they are a key ingredient in the creation of stable marriages between compatible spouses. The focus of a date is to determine whether this person one is seeing has the qualities and values which will allow the two of them to live together harmoniously and happily for the rest of their lives.

Coronavirus Makes Dating a Lot More Complicated

By Melissa Klein. A new service to help Orthodox Jews make love connections posted unauthorized profiles of hundreds of singles, exposing their private information to would-be suitors. Platt is among those who took to Facebook to complain about the security breach, which was even reported to a religious court. Orthodox singles seeking a partner often give their profiles — known as a shidduch resume — to friends or respected matchmakers who might have a prospect for them.

The profiles are expected to be kept discreet and not shared with a wide audience.

The Jewish matchmakers, in this article, provide dating advice to all Jewish singles and when to say yes to a Shidduch.

After an extended period of decreasing, new case counts in Ontario have been rising for about the last ten days. The solid lines represent 7-day moving averages. Reference: Jennifer Kwan, MD. Thankfully, the fears and anxieties many of us had then regarding the impact that COVID might have on […]. Safety Guidelines for In-person Dating During COVID May 15, For individuals who prefer not to date via telephone or Zoom, the recommendations offered here are for in-person dating and have been compiled by concerned community individuals to optimize the safety of shidduch dating during COVID This protocol was developed based on current medical guidelines […].

Thicker line is the 7-day moving average. Credit for the chart to Dr.

The Rebbetzins (Oorah)

Our team of talented, sensitive and energetic matchmakers work day and night connecting couples, following up on every date to discuss, advise, and provide encouragement. Matches suggested: over , Dates arranged: over 12, Marriages: and counting. To get Connected, contact connections gatewaysonline.

Shidduch Process Our Rebbetzins will guide you through the traditional Jewish dating process, from looking into suggestions to giving over the.

And the hubs and I have been doing that for the past week! I remember it like it was yesterday. The hubs was flying in from Chicago to go out with me in NJ. So I took the day off work to get ready. I got my makeup done and my hair blown out, and I was counting down the seconds on the clock to meet this mystery man who had literally flown miles just to meet me.

BH , it was clearly the right decision for us. As we are now married, one year later, we like to look back and laugh at some of the funny things that happened on that first date. So I drove up to the house where he was staying and anticipated the moment when he would walk out of the house.

The ‘Shidduch Crisis’ Has Led to an Orthodox Obsession with Female Beauty

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If you are feeling down or low before the date, do website to pick yourself up-exercise, listen to nice music, talk to a good login who makes you feel good. In order to invite love in you shidduch to create the space for it. Give yourself time to feel your orthodox and best self before a date. Always be concerned about the impression you are giving over. Even if you shidduch with the most incredibly boring login in the shidduchline try to be interesting.

The yeshiva boy’s date cuts him off and leans forward to the driver, their wigs styled next to you — or peruse the advice columns of the Haredi.

The driver turns the corner. But before she can respond, the driver presses the brakes. This is a living, breathing human being. Several years have passed since that day: an era of shidduch [arranged] dates, resumes, phone calls, reference checks. No more being bothered by older women. I had finally crossed the line to safety. And only recently, it hit me how much life has changed, when I was dancing at a wedding the other day. It is for her that girls fuss when preparing for a wedding — plastic surgery, hair blown out, manicures, expensive dresses, high heels within some boundaries of modesty, surely — not so much for the men, no, the young single men will barely get a glimpse of the young single women at these weddings with separate seating.

From a well-to-do family, too. Suddenly, I am being asked to set up matches — though it feels like moments ago that I was that girl being set up and attending weddings like some beauty pageant. Photos are shown on phones, forwarded by email and WhatsApp. I say that I may have a young woman for him, it might be worth a date. He is offended. Why is that any more harsh?

Frum dating stories

And, unfortunately, I am about to let you down even more. When I ran my code, it got caught in an infinite loop. I was living in the infinite loop, going out with new guys every few months on an endless reel of first and second dates. This makes me an NEF, the butt of my own jokes, and no longer suitable to author this blog.

Frum shidduch dating ideas. Disclosures Preparing for a Date–Boys It is often the boy who decides where the couple should go. If she doesn’t have a plan in.

Website sponsored by Mr. Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children. Published Articles. October 6, In addition, the current structure, which makes no allowance for the September 27, Perhaps you can share some ideas of how we can display our care for them. What can we do to show that we really care? September 24, Question: Our son is learning in Eretz Yisroel, where he went out with a girl from America who was on vacation there. September 13, Question: I’m a year-old girl who has grown up in a home of Torah.

Singles furious after matchmaking site for Orthodox Jews makes profiles public

Our team of experienced shadchanim have access to a large, thoroughly-researched database of eligible singles. They will work together with your mentors and the people who know you well to suggest the shidduchim that are best suited for you. Rebbetzins is not just about setting you up on dates, but offering personal advice and guidance throughout the entire shidduch process. Even before dating begins, your mentor will be there to give over the expectations of traditional frum dating and Jewish dating customs.

Your mentor can work with shadchanim to screen suggestions and help you check references.

Based on the advice of our shadchanim and rebbetzins, we had decided to date the “old school”, shidduch way and not speak on the phone before we met in.

August 24, This is not my list. This is what Saw You at Sinai posted for girls. If I were giving the advice, I”d keep it much simpler: Be a mensch. As Hillel told the prospective convert who wanted to know all of Torah on one foot — what is hateful to you, don’t do to another. The same holds true in this case. For example, isn’t it obvious, if a guy gives you options, that he wants you to respond with what you would prefer?

Anyway here’s the list of tips. If the male suggests a few options of where to go or what to do on the date, then it would be appreciated if the female gives her preference. This will lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable date. Whether the male held open the door, dropped you off at home after the date, paid for the date etc, men really notice when someone shows appreciation and it makes a huge impact. Offering to pay for part of the date, even if the man has no intention of letting the woman pay, is still acknowledged and appreciated nonetheless.

Feedback has shown that women who tell their date that they are last of their friends to get married is a big turn off.


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When you are redt a shidduch , do you feel cool as a cucumber or does your stomach start doing flips? As your relationship progresses, are you running for the hills or ready to talk tachlis? Get a paper and pencil and have fun! You never know. It only takes one person, right? Worst case, I have a nice night out and work on my conversation skills.

I just know this is bashert. I have to plan the perfect outfit. I can already see us with our children around the Shabbos table. My last few dates were a flop. Hold it right back.

The Shidduch Shuk

Feeling confused or stuck in the maze of shidduchim, shadchanim, resumes, dates, online dating, singles events and all the rest? Rely on shidduch dating coach Rachel Burnham to provide a clear path to love, connection, and lifelong companionship. She dated for 14 years. Hundreds of men, thousands of dates. Rachel provides guidance for singles of all ages and has meaningfully improved the dating experiences of both men and women.

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The Shidduch Shuk shidduchshuk. This includes shidduch places, resources, forums, gemachim , shadchanim Jewish matchmakers , and much more. All information is presented in a clear and convenient manner, with a focus on the overall user experience. The main part of our site is our directory of places and relevant information which yeshiva bochurim or whoever is planning your date can research when they plan their date itinerary. Each location is presented with pictures, contact information, parking options, and description.

This information is culled from the personal experiences of countless present and past yeshiva bochurim in the parsha. We provide shidduch places for almost every frum orthodox community in the United States in a very easy-to-use format. There are also different lists depending on what type of outing the couple is planning to go on. Not so long ago, when I was in shidduchim, I can remember just how hard the shidduch process was — before and after each date.

This only added to the stress naturally present from being in shidduchim. I felt, in addition to others I spoke to, that the existing websites available where lackluster when it came to the average BMG guy.

How to Identify Your Shidduch (soulmate, match)